The Family Y of Greater Augusta

Ask Me Why- Victoria Prichett

Victoria Prichett is the Branch Executive Director for the Family YMCA of Augusta South, our Armed Services YMCA location. After serving in the Army as a Logistics Officer for 8 years and serving a deployment to Iraq from 2008-2009 on the Military Transition Team, she wanted to find a place that felt like home to her and found it at the Y.

"After getting out of the Army, my husband and I moved to Ohio upon his employment at the VA hospital. The job I had accepted at Xavier University was not ideal for our first year of marriage-We were only able to see each other on the weekends, as our jobs were 2 hours apart one way."

"While I was in the Army, I was stationed at Fort Gordon from 2008-2010 and really enjoyed my time in Augusta. The discussion to move to Augusta came up a lot, and in August of 2012 my husband had the opportunity to transfer to Augusta's VA Hospital. With my background in recreation and physical fitness, I thought the Y would be a perfect place to look for a job."

"In the year before searching for a job and going on interviews around the US, I never had the feeling that any of those jobs were mine. But with moving to Augusta, all the stars aligned for me and The Family Y of Augusta South is my home."

"Being a Northern transfer from Massachusetts, the Y is my second family. I love my fellow Y staff & members and I love the opportunity to serve our community in a unique way!"