The Family Y of Greater Augusta

Ask Me Why- Sergio Gallardo

Sergio Gallardo is our Creative Services Coordinator for the Family YMCA of Greater Augusta . As a father of four, life can be pretty hectic sometimes, but the Y has been a focal point for his family to gather and spend time with one another. He’s been with out association for a year and half now, which was when he realized what the Y was all about.

“I really didn’t know what the Y was until my family and I walked in the Aiken County Family Y in November 2012. I was hired a few months later at the Aiken County branch as a part-time art instructor, and that was when I really began to see the Y’s connection to the community. My family and I began building great relationships with not only the staff that worked there, but with the other members too. Once I joined the executive staff as the Creative Services Coordinator in November 2013, coming to work continually opened my eyes to home many people we impact on a regular basis, whether it’s the scholarship stories we capture during the Annual Campaign or just talking with people we meet at special events throughout our association. Its awesome!"

""The Y definitely became more than a place to come work out...through the Aiken YMCA’s church partnership with Cedar Creek West, the Y became our second home on so many levels. The Y is truly a family-whether its working out together in the gym at the Aiken branch or worshiping together at Cedar Creek West, the Y has become the place where my kids want to be. They love it and I love the time the Y gives to spend time with my family."

“The Y is so much more to me because it has provided a second home for me and my family.”