The Family Y of Greater Augusta

Ask Me Why- Haley Bourne

Haley Bourne is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Family YMCA of Greater Augusta. An internship opportunity at the YMCA opened her eyes to what the Y was all about. “Why the Y for me? I first joined the Y in 2009 after graduating high school as a way to stay in shape. Later in my college career, I wanted to make a little money so I joined the Kids Watch staff at the Marshall Family YMCA in October 2010. As a college sophomore, I went into this Kids Watch job as just an extra source of spending money to enjoy...little did I know I would leave there with so much more, getting to love on members' kids and meet/mingle with new members daily.

In the summer of 2012, thanks to my parents encouragement, I decided to pursue an internship in public relations and what better place to go than with the Y? I still remember after the first day of my internship, I told myself this was definitely the career path that God had in store for me. I immediately felt welcomed into the Y family upon meeting other branch staff & corporate/Metro staff throughout my internship. I learned so much about the Y through my internship and made me realize how much of Godly community I was becoming a part of and wanted to stay with as well (Romans 12:4).

Getting hands-on experience in my field of study while still in school was such an incredible blessing, not only for my professional experience but personally too.

"No matter how big or small my daily troubles are, I’m constantly reminded of the inspirational members I’ve had the pleasure of meeting whose stories have left an incredible impact. While I do most of my work in an office, I have the opportunity to impact someone’s life, miles away, with something I write or create. That is why the Y means so much more to me."